Coding the movements of the planets in relation to one another as they travel around the sun.

Coded planets making patterns around the sun


I chose to pursue coding a solar system because I am very inspired by the symbolism of planets, the universe and the unique aspects of it that are unknown. Within the Milky Way Galaxy, little is known about each planet, but their paths around the solar system have been documented by scientists throughout history. When looking at one of their paths around the sun combined with that of another planet, a beautiful pattern is made, creating an invisible piece of artwork in the…

Restaurant Branding

Restaurant Design Case Study

From Left to Right: Cristen Post, Hanna Lipski, and Yen Nguyen’s Individual Logos

Our team, Cristen Post, Hanna Lipski, and Yen Nguyen, created a brand identity for the idea of a sustainable restaurant in a city setting. Led by our instructor, Jenny Kowalski, we created brand deliverables including logos, web prototypes, and print materials.

The Restaurant

Problem: COVID-19 has created a restricted dining experience. With the increase in delivery, waste and plastics are especially a problem in today’s food industry.

The Idea: This sustainable restaurant idea focuses on providing customers and community with sustainable food and education. Ingredients would be sourced from local farms and sustainable resources to provide fresh meals while supporting our community’s…

Hanna lipski

Graphic and Interactive Design Student at Tyler School of Art, Temple University

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